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What is the Maxle-DB?

The Maxle is a self-steering air ride suspension system that is hydraulically raised and lowered.

What is the main function of the Maxle?

To increase the outer bridge of a truck, so more payload will be allowed to be hauled, therefore creating more revenue.

Is a Maxle easy to Operate?

Yes, The Maxle comes with an easy to read control tower and momentary controls so the driver is in control at all times.

Who benefits from a Maxle?

1.) Anyone who is interested in maximizing payload in States that recognize the Federal Bridge Law, or other states that recognize this type of axle.

2.) Contractors, because they like the ease of a truck that can carry as much as a truck and pup and they don’t have to wait for the driver to hook and unhook his pup trailer to finish dumping a load.

3.) Owners benefit because they can haul up to an additional 5 to 6 tons of payload with out having to permit and insure a pup trailer.  A truck with a Maxle offers a greater turn around time from load to load resulting in better profitability.

4.) Drivers find the Maxle an easy piece of equipment to drive, and operate.

How does a Maxle-DB attach to a truck?

The Maxle attaches to a specially designed bolster that is incorporated to a dump body.

Can I put a Maxle-DB on my existing dump body?

We do not allow a customer or distributor to retrofit a Maxle onto an existing dump body. The reason for this is that not all bodies are manufactured to handle the additional stresses and parameters that the Maxle needs to operate properly.

Where can I get a dump body that is designed for the Maxle?

We have worked with regional and National Body manufactures to ensure the highest quality of product to work with the Maxle. Please contact our office at 1-800-658-3866 to find a dealer closest to you.

Does the Maxle carry weight, or does it just float?

The Maxle is designed to carry up to 13,000#.  Hydraulic pressure holds the air ride system to the ground. The air ride takes up the road travel and pushes weight forward for proper weight distribution.

In the lowered position, how far does the Maxle extend behind the truck?

This depends on the application, but for the Dump trucks, the centerline of the Maxle axle is typically 150” to 155” behind the centerline of the trucks rear most drive axle.  The Maxle axle is 115.5” from the pin that attaches to the body. Please consult Silent Drive, Inc. for proper truck set up. 1-800-658-3866.

How long is the typical truck with the Maxle down?

A typical truck with a Maxle-DB measures 40’ nose to tail.  But not all states are the same. There are some states that do allow a straight truck to be over 40’.  Please consult with your local D.O.T. Official to find out the length laws in your state and set your truck up accordingly.

What is the typical bridge of a 40’ truck?

This depends on the wheelbase of the truck, and the location of the front steer axle. The bridge on set forward axle will be more that a truck with a set back front axle.

On a truck with a set forward front axle and a wheelbase of 248” to 252” it will have a 36’ outer bridge. For proper chassis setup, please contact Silent Drive Inc.

How is the Maxle different from other trailing axles on the market?

1.)   Once the hydraulic cylinders are down, the air ride suspension system carries the load through bumps and dips. Vs. Nitrogen filled cylinders that carry the load through bumps and dips.

2.)   The Maxle operates off of the same P.T.O. as the dump body, requiring power only when you want to raise and lower the axle. Vs.  Live powered hydraulics that run all the time while the axle is raised, lowered and in the operating position.

3.)   Air ride carries the load so if a tire blows the cylinders will not take over and force the rims into the ground; because the unit is not controlled by live hydraulic only air pressure. Vs.  Live nitrogen filled cylinders that will keep applying pressure even if a tire blows. This will cause for an unstable truck.

4.)   80” track axle for stability and driver visibility vs. short track axle that is hard to see in the raising, lowering and operating stages.

5.)   Double axle connection.  Since the Maxle utilizes two air bags, one on each side of the suspension, the stability factor is the same as a truck or trailer, Vs. A single pivot point over the center of the axle causes a teeter-totter effect when cornering and going over rough terrain.

How versatile is a Maxle?

The Maxle can dump into all types and sizes of road equipment including, pavers, chippers, and can back up to street grinders

Does the Maxle system require a special P.T.O.?

We recommend a Hot Shift P.T.O. for ease of operation.  A hot shift will allow you to raise and lower the axle at a low idle when you go on and off a job site.  An air shift P.T.O will also work, but does not give you the freedom of operation on the go.

How much extra Oil do you need to operate the Maxle?

The Maxle only requires an additional 5 gallons of oil to operate.

What is the cycle time of the Maxle?

The cycle time is approximately 20 to 25 seconds up and down.

Will the Maxle Cycle any faster if I speed up the rpm?

No, the Maxle speed is regulated at the valve block and will not go any faster if the rpm’s are increased.  The only thing that will happen if the rpm is increased is that the oil will heat up and breakdown faster.

In the operating position I heard the Maxle doesn’t have as much downward axle travel as other units. Is this true?

Yes this is true, but in this type of application we do not want a lot of downward axle travel. The reason for this is the more downward travel you have with an axle the more chance you have raising the drivers off the ground causing an uncontrollable truck.

If you happen to look at another boost axle you will notice that if you charge the cylinders in the down position while empty, you can raise the drivers off the ground. You, and your insurance company, do not want that liability.

We have approximately 20” of axle travel.  The travel is achieved in our air bags and cylinders.  What the air bags will not take in the collapsed position, the cylinders, under accumulated control will do the rest.  If the cylinders take on too much pressure then the system will release and return the oil back to tank.  This process protects the frame and cylinders from damage.

Is there any way I can see what my possible payload will be with a Maxle before I purchase this type of unit?

Yes, Silent Drive offers a free weight distribution consultation.  Please call and find out how a Maxle can Work for you.

Please contact Silent Drive Inc. at 1-800-658-3866 with any other questions you may have.